Guantanamo Prison: 12 Years Too Many!

Closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba was the first promise of the newly-minted Obama administration back in January 2009.

Like so many other promises that could have been delivered on during the first two years of his administration, when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, Barack Obama hasn’t bothered to invest the political capital to get the job done.

Instead, that capital was reserved for bail-outs to bankers, the “surge” in Afghanistan, an attack on Libya that has left that country a mess, and other odious, pro-1% initiatives like the Trans Pacific Partnership and stalwart defense of the law- and Constitution-breaking NSA.

In this program, Mario Venegas of the Illinois Coalition Against Torture discusses the Guantanamo Prison 12 years after it was set up by President George W. Bush, and the torturous conditions that persist there under President Obama. Hosted by Gay Liberation Network co-founder Andy Thayer.

Originally broadcast on January 10, 2013

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