How Can We Take Our City Back From the 1%?

How Can We Take Our City Back From the 1%?

At the same time as the wealthy face a “crisis” of record traffic jams for private jets, most people face problems of declining affordable housing, youth unemployment and declining real income.

46th Ward Aldermanic candidate Denice Davis not only has a proven record of community activism in the Uptown neighborhood, she’s part of a growing citywide movement to reject the dictates of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his rubber-stamp city council. The latter have led the charge to destroy low income housing and city services for working class Chicagoans, while giving millions to politically connected real estate developers and other crony capitalists.

In this episode of the Gay Liberation Network on CAN TV, Ms. Davis talks with GLN co-founder Andy Thayer these issues and their connections to national issues such as war spending and U.S. support for the Israeli collective punishment of Gaza.

Originally broadcast July 11, 2014

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