LGBTI Solidarity in Africa

LGBTI Solidarity in Africa

African countries passing harsh laws against LGBTs and our allies have been much in the gay press over the past year. But all too often African LGBTs have appeared as mute objects of repression, rather than people organizing to win their own freedom.

In this episode of the Gay Liberation Network on CAN TV, lesbian activist and faith leader Rev. Judith speaks with GLN’s Brent Holman-Gomez about African LGBTI issues. Rev. Judith Kotzé, is a South African who in 1995 qualified as one of the first woman ministers in the Dutch Reformed Church.

As part of her gay activism, Kotzé became Director of the Inclusive & Affirming Ministries in 2011, having served in IAM in various capacities since 1997. She has traveled widely in Southern Africa.

Originally broadcast June 13, 2014

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