Marching on Springfield for Marriage Equality

Kim Hunt of Affinity Community Services joins Brent Holman-Gomez of the Gay Liberation Network to discuss the forthcoming October 22nd March on Springfield for Marriage Equality.

Ms. Hunt explains the disappointment many felt over the failure to pass marriage equality in Illinois in the legislative session ending May 31st, and the determination to get it right in the fall veto session of the Illinois legislature. Many felt that the voices pushing for marriage equality in the spring failed to tap into the diversity and power of the full LGBT community, running an insiders campaign that left many in the community as passive bystanders.

The idea of a march for marriage equality is especially important as it gives an opportunity for the whole, diverse LGBT community to directly participate in the advancement of our rights, and it’s by direct participation in the fight for freedom that freedoms have always been won.

Originally broadcast September 13, 2013

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